Kathleen Feely to Retire as President and CEO of Case Commons

After a long and distinguished career focused on initiatives aimed at reforming public sector human services, Kathleen Feely announced today her plans to retire. Kathleen has spent the past six years as the founding CEO of Case Commons, as well as the Vice President for Innovation for the Annie E. Casey Foundation. A national search has been launched to identify her successor as CEO of Case Commons, and she will step down once that person is in place.Kathleen has served as President and CEO of Case Commons since its inception in 2010. She conceived and developed Casebook from within the Annie E. Casey Foundation in the years prior. Today, Casebook is in place as the core of the system of record for Indiana’s Department of Child Services. Case Commons also was awarded the contract to develop key functions of California’s new child welfare IT system, in partnership with the CA Department of Social Services.

Said Feely regarding her decision: “Nearly 10 years ago, my colleagues and I at the Annie E. Casey Foundation recognized the potential for modern technology to help our country’s most vulnerable children and families. Now we’ve proven that not only is that dream possible — we’ve made it a reality for thousands of families in Indiana alone and we’re beginning work with California. I can think of no better time to pass the baton to a new leader to take on the task of further realizing this vision.”

Patrick McCarthy, Chairman of the Case Commons Board of Directors and President of the Casey Foundation, said: “Kathleen is a serial innovator whose lifelong commitment to the well-being of children has driven numerous reforms over the years that have vastly improved the delivery of human services in America. Casebook is just one example of her vision and impact. All of us working in this field owe Kathleen a great debt of gratitude for helping to guide juvenile justice and child welfare systems toward approaches that have made a tremendous difference for kids and families in need.”

Bryan Sivak, who previously served as the Chief Technology Officer of the US Department of Health and Human Services and, before that, the Chief Innovation Officer for the State of Maryland, is advising Case Commons through the leadership transition.

Case Commons’ mission is to improve life outcomes for vulnerable children and families by developing and putting the same cutting-edge innovative technology reshaping the private sector into the hands of social service professionals. Under Feely’s leadership, Case Commons grew into the leading non-profit provider of 21st-century child welfare case management technology and an outspoken advocate for the importance of modern technology to the child welfare and human services system. Casebook is the winner of a coveted Code for America Technology Award as well as UX Magazine’s International Design for Experience Award.

Douglas Nelson, Case Commons Board Member and past President of the Casey Foundation, said: “For more than two decades, Kathleen Feely has brought exceptional and unique gifts not only to the Casey Foundation, but also to the public agencies we supported, and to the thousands of children and families those agencies served. Among those gifts were her talents for identifying field-changing system reform strategies, gathering the best and brightest staff, and transforming innovative ideas, like Casebook, into practical tools that have reshaped how we help those in greatest need. It is not too much to say that Kathleen’s work at Casey has helped protect, enrich and uplift the lives of countless American kids.”

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Please send email to CEOsearch@casecommons.org for more information concerning the search.