• Meet Casebook®

    Meet Casebook®

    Our innovative suite of cloud-based family-centered tools for child welfare case management

  • The Casebook Platform



    Document reports of abuse and neglect with a highly intuitive web user interface. Case workers can leverage prior contact information and see active involvements.



    Rapid response is provided through integration with Hotline and out-of-system notifications. Web-based user interface is inherently mobile, with optimized workflows and structured decision making tools.


    Case Management

    Person-centric case management documents all assessments, case planning and removal information. Powerful family network diagram provides valuable information to case workers, enabling expanded visualization of the child’s entire support network.


    Reporting & Analytics

    Business Intelligence is enhanced through the capture of quality data and scientific reporting. Metrics are available in real-time through dashboards as well as scheduled operational and ad-hoc reports.


    Resource Licensing & Administration

    Create and manage licenses of any type. Workflow automation provides control over license status. Tracks placements, licensee qualifications and all history. Ability for providers to maintain data with specific permissions.



    Automated eligibility determination for Emergency Assistance & Title IV-E to help maximize reimbursement.



    Seamless integration with external systems using the application programming layer (API) to promote interoperability.

  • Features

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    See person and case history quickly and easily. Intuitive web user interface and filters makes finding and sharing information easy.

    Family Network

    Improve outcomes by understanding the complex relationships involved in a case. Provides caseworkers with a valuable, visual tool and promotes kinship placement.


    Understand the deeper meaning of data through enhanced business intelligence. Built-in metrics, real-time dashboards and scheduled reporting help to make sense of valuable data.


    Enables caseworkers to access and enter information in the field on any device to support improved data quality.

  • Casebook: Case Management

    Let’s explore some of the features of Casebook’s Case Management module.