Meet Case Commons

“Helping the Helpers” is our motto

The vision of Case Commons is to support the transformation of public human services through innovative technology. In the 21st century, web-native, real time technology and analytics all have the potential to radically change how public human services agencies meet the needs of the country’s most vulnerable children and families.

To fulfill this vision, we have designed and built Casebook, our transformative software for child welfare. Casebook has been developed in collaboration with agencies and practitioners and uses intuitive design to meet the needs of caseworkers and administrators. It is built around people and families, not just a case. Casebook helps to support child welfare workers and policy makers in their effort to make decisions based on quality data.

Case Commons is an independent nonprofit with deep roots in the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a recognized authority on the welfare of American children and families. With no shareholders to answer to, our sole mission is to improve life outcomes for vulnerable children and families by putting the best possible technology in the hands of social service professionals.

Our Mission

smileChange Lives
Above all, Case Commons seeks to better serve, and to improve outcomes and life opportunities for, vulnerable children and their families.
smileHelp the Helpers
Case Commons believes that new technology can and must support – not hinder – the frontline workers who serve our nation’s most vulnerable children and families.
smileMeasure Results
Case Commons uses the latest technology to improve the quality and timeliness of data and analytics so that everyone can make better decisions.

Our Clients


California Child Welfare Digital Services

Case Commons is proud to have been selected by the State of California’s Child Welfare Digital Services to develop the new intake digital service for California and help make the State’s most vulnerable children safer. We’re already collaborating with the State to build a joyful, user-centered solution. Learn more…


Indiana Department of Child Services

Indiana’s investment in Casebook has already yielded positive results: Indiana has seen a 13.8% increase in the share of children with a recorded face-to-face contact with family case managers in the previous 30 days, as well as a rise in recorded child visits with a parent (weekly average rose from 815 to 1,477). The share of children placed with relatives also increased by 28% from July 2012 to August 2016. Learn more…

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