A 21st Century Tool for Families

The vision of Case Commons is to support the transformation of public human services through innovative technology.

In the 21st century, web-native, real time technology and analytics all have the potential to radically change how public human services agencies meet the needs of the country’s most vulnerable children and families.

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Making the Casebook Choice

Investing in a new family information and case management system is among the most important decisions a state or local agency can make. It will determine the effectiveness of caseworkers. It will influence the attractiveness of your agency to a new and younger workforce. It will affect the quality of decision-making. Most important, it will help to improve results for vulnerable children and families.

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A New Conversation

Casebook is a model for how to close the growing technology gap between government and the rest of society, and Case Commons is leading a conversation about how new government information technology innovation can change our lives for the better every day.

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